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Big Baby Fair is Here at Lazada!

Buying baby products is sometimes very pricey. I still remember when my little girl was a kid, the disposable drypers always kill me where I use them everyday and each day minimal of 3 and more. It was a tough time selecting diapers for my little one where some are expensive, some are cheap and some does not even can suit and ended up with rashes.

And since now my little one had grown up, we still have diapers for night consumption and highway only. As size grows, the diapers that are being use are getting expensive and lesser in volume. And it is easier to get the pants version. Why?

1. Easier to wear
Easy to where is the most important thing when it comes to diapers especially for grown up kids. They run nearly everywhere and getting them to where those normal diapers is getting difficult and now changing to the diapers pants making me easier to ensure it is worn properly..

2. Complete with cartoon character
With the cartoon character on the diapers, it will indeed attract your kids with it or even attract mum to buy them.  Nice one with the cute characters too

3. Can use for longer hours
And with the growing kids, some diapers cannot stand long and now I found this  diapers brings you a longer and lasting used.


And now Lazada is having a great deal on their website now and you will be happy to know that they are having a baby fair starting from  27 to 31 July 2016. Don't miss all the great deals". And not just that, get the voucher code  (20LAP20) for new customers (20% OFF). Enjoy your shopping now.