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The New IKEA 2017 Catalogue: IKEA brings you home furnishing ideas and inspirations inspired by Democratic Design

IKEA today officially introduced the 2017 IKEA Catalogue to Malaysia, with a new range of products, food and services. With refreshed home furnishing ideas and inspirations tailored to the needs of local consumers, the new IKEA Catalogue focuses on principles of Democratic Design, a concept that comes from the IKEA perspective that everyone has the right to a better everyday life. The five principles steer everything that IKEA does.

As smaller homes such as apartments and condominiums become increasingly popular options in city centres, practical and flexible home furnishings solutions are in demand more than ever. The five principles of Democratic Design - form, function, quality, low price and sustainability - allows IKEA to create products that appeal to the majority and not just a few people.

 “This year’s catalogue launch is special to us as we are introducing the concept of Democratic Design, a core concept that has been part of IKEA from the very start. Ever changing market trends and rapid urbanisation means that the needs of Malaysian home owners constantly evolve. Democratic Design, combined with market insight gained from visiting the homes of people in Malaysia via our annual Life at Home survey, allows us to meet that need and help design solutions for everyone,” said Leonie Hoskin, Project Manager, Life at Home & Range for IKEA South East Asia.

“Every IKEA product contains elements of Democratic Design and is considered for its impact to people’s lives, the society and the environment. These elements can also be found in the food we serve, how we pack and transport our products and even in our business model. Through its application, we successfully deliver quality, functional and beautiful home furnishing products that are low priced and friendly to the environment,” she continued.