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Tsum Tsum Sandal Collection is OUT!

Tsum Tsum craze is getting here and if you are a big fans of cartoon cute doll; you should checkout the "summer" collection of Tsum Tsum with their drag beach sandals and casual.

Grace Gift "manufactured fun summer heat" in the design of the spindle, and put in place the footwear cute Tsum Tsum lining decorative pattern. In addition, the use of casual sandals breathable 100% leather lining and floor mats that can absorb sweat and not sticky; beach trailer using colour EVE foam base station, soft good to wear good walking. Using the simple design with the Tsum Tsum, you are now able to get the cute Tsum Tsum  to your drawer. If you are from Malaysia, you can choose to purchase online and Grace Gift has provided international transport services.

For more information : Grace Gift official website