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Lazada Malaysia Gets You Ready to Catch ‘Em All!

Pokémon Go fever is steadily taking over the world and is starting to invade Asia! Lazada Malaysia is going all out to ensure that Malaysians are ever-ready and ultimately survive this exhilarating adventure.

With Lazada’s High-Speed Delivery, you can get your Pokémon Go gear on the same day – perfect for all the last-minute online shoppers. Simply place your orders before 1pm from Monday to Saturday, and you can expect your purchases to be delivered in less than 6 hours, for a nominal fee of only RM6!

Customers can also enjoy a risk-free online shopping experience through Lazada’s highly secure payment and fulfillment services.  Between credit cards, online transfers, and cash on delivery, Lazada Malaysia has put in tremendous effort into providing customers hassle-free options for them to purchase online.

So, are you ready catch ‘em all? Here is a checklist of what you need for the ultimate chase when Pokémon Go goes live in Malaysia!

1. Keeping You Re-Charged
·         Stay connected to the game and ensure that your phone doesn’t run out of battery juice with our powerbanks.  Plug in your earphones and listen to some music to keep you on the (Pokémon) Go!

2. Maintain Your Cool & Stay Energised
·         With the scorching hot weather (like Charmander) to handle, sunblock, towels and sunglasses are definitely your best-friends for the day.
·         Don’t forget to stay hydrated by storing your water in a tough water container to keep you going.

3. Stay Dry
·         With the rainy season here to stay, don’t let the rain stop you from catching ‘em all! Equip yourself with a raincoat and waterproof phone case, especially when catching a Squirtle.
·         Stay ahead of the Pokémon chase with a good pair of running shoes to sprint ahead! Nothing gets in your way when it comes to Pokémon Go!

4. Catch ‘Em All in Style
·         Who needs to run when you can fly like Zubat? Glide around with a hoverboard or step scooter to capture the Pokémon in style.
·         Have a break, our foam rollers do come in handy to relax those sore muscles before the next hunt.

5. Store All Your Essentials
·         Store all your gear and get ready to explore the city for the Pokémon Go chase in your backpack.
·         Are you a light traveler? Opt for a slip belt instead and keep all your gadgets in place.

6. Stay Safe All Night Long
·         For those who enjoy going for the Pokémon Go hunt at night, arm yourselves with torchlights and night clothing to stay lit just like Umbreon.

In line with the Pokéhunt Survival Guide, visit Lazada Malaysia today to equip yourself with all the items that you need to catch ‘em all before Pokémon Go is live in Malaysia!  For more information on the Lazada Pokémon Go Survival Guide, check out .