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FujiFlim Captures Perfect Selfies with the New Retro Inspired X-A3 Mirrorless Camera

One of the latest trend nowadays is travelling light which is without a heavy camera but doing beautiful things out of it. With the high quality of the lenses and systems just like DSLR, Fujiflim had released their new camera X-A3 which combines you with the timeless elegance with the advanced technology which comes appealing to the young, selfie –loving generation of photographers. 

The newest edition to this camera brings you with the iconic retro style cameras which marries a high style and sleek design with the next generation selfie features. The beautiful camera brings you an ultimate accessories for those who love to capture unique and creative portraits of outstanding quality. 

As the name suggests, the X-A3 brings you with the followup of the X-A2 where it features you with the retro design and yet with the the nice retro appealing with the sophicated photograpy.And featuring 3 colors from their selection, one can have the right one which defines your styles and personality.

Not just that, the new X-A3 combines with the newly developed 24 megapixel sensor with the Fujiflim’s propriety color reproduction technology for advanced portraiture, making it a perfect camera for selfie fans.

For the first time, the X-A3 is also completed with the 3 inch LCD touchscreen which are able to tilts 18- degrees. With this, selfies can be taken using the command dial on the back of the camera which provides you with the firmer grip on the camera. 

Well, for those who love selfies, they comes up with the self timer functions including Smile Detection, Buddy Timer and Group Timer which can be used when the screen is tilted forward. With wifi capabilities, we can do Instagram now and we can share in just seconds. That’s what I need being in this line.

Other features includes the Eye Detection AF for accurate focusing on special details and also the Portrait Enhancer mode for optional skin tone brightening to craft well-composed and well exposed portraits 

And now you can have the camera available in silver, brown, and also pink. The price for the retail will be at RM 2,888 inclusive of a XC 16-55 mm lenses.