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U Mobile’s ‘booKu’ Enables Avid Readers to Buy E-Books and E-Magazines Via Mobile Plans

U Mobile Sdn Bhd has partnered with four popular regional and local digital publishers - SPH Magazines, Pubu eBook, FullAMark and NovelPlus - to launch booKu.

The first-of-its kind service in Malaysia, booKu enables U Mobile subscribers to purchase e-books and e-magazines from noted publishers, such as SPH Magazines, Pubu eBook, FullAMark and NovelPlus even if they do not own a credit card. U Mobile’s prepaid subscribers will have their e-book and e-magazine purchases deducted from their mobile credit, while post-paid subscribers will be charged through their monthly bills.

booKu Mechanics:
1. Go to App Store or Google Play Store and search for booKu partners’ apps - SPH Magazines, Pubu eBook, FullAMark and NovelPlus.
2. Download your preferred digital publishers’ apps.
3. Once the app has been downloaded, connect to U Mobile network (3G/4G) to sign up for the service.
4. A code will be sent to you via SMS or email. Key this in as you complete the subscriber sign-up process.
5. Browse available titles on the app and select your favourite reads. First timers will get to enjoy exclusive promotions for a limited period of time. Visit to find out more.
6. You are now ready to purchase e-books by using your U Mobile prepaid credit or have your purchases charged to your monthly bill.

*Sign up processes by the various publishers may differ from one another.

Enjoy booKu Today!

To celebrate the launch of booKu, U Mobile will be offering RM20,000 worth of e-book vouchers to be given out this year. For the first phase of this campaign, contestants will stand a chance to win up to RM8,000 worth of e-book vouchers while one grand prize winner will get to win brand new iPhone 7 when they participate in U Mobile’s booKu’s contests. To find out more about these contests, visit