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Today, Grab Malaysia’s Country Head, Sean Goh officially launched the region’s first-ever ride-hailing passenger loyalty programme as part of the Southeast Asia’s leading ride hailing and multiservice platform’s commitment to offer a holistic, seamless and rewarding Grab ride experience to its passengers.

The official launched came after the beta version of the programme which was introduced in December 2016 received very positive and encouraging feedback from select users across the region.

GrabRewards is designed to be a passenger-centric rewards programme which offers tiered benefits based on points accumulated by the passenger. The more frequent passengers book a ride with Grab, the more they will be rewarded with exciting varieties of deals ranging from discounted rides from Grab to exclusive promotions from Rewards Partners.

“GrabRewards is in response to the unwavering loyalty from our passengers who have made Grab their preferred ride hailing service. Therefore, our flagship passenger loyalty programme enables us to make every Grab ride so much more rewarding for anyone, anywhere any time, especially now when we are the largest ride hailing network in Malaysia, servicing 13 major cities across the country, with more to come,” said Goh.

About GrabRewards 
GrabRewards enables all passengers across the region to start earning points on all Grab rides, with specifically GrabCar, GrabTaxi and GrabShare rides in Malaysia. Grab users will be placed in tiers based on their accumulated fare amount spent on all their rides with RM 1 spent equivaling to 1 point. Therefore, based on the total spent in the last six months, users will either be placed in Silver, Gold or Platinum, whilst new users will start at the Member tier.

For rides paid by cash, members can earn five times the points, while those opting to pay via GrabPay, Grab’s cashless payment method, will earn 10 times more. Therefore, by taking more GrabPay rides, passengers can move upwards easily and conveniently in the tier ladder to Silver, Gold and eventually Platinum, which is for Grab’s most loyal users. This is in correlation with Grab’s effort to transform Southeast Asia from a cash-based economy to a cashless one.

All members will be able to use their points to instantly redeem RM5, RM10 and RM15 off Grab rides (the redemption value from GrabRewards is up to 8.8% from a passenger’s total spent on Grab). In addition, they can also enjoy exclusive F&B, hospitality, lifestyle and retail brands, travel, and service-related apps deals offered by GrabRewards Partners such as Tesco, Happy Fresh, myBurgerLab, Forever 21, Flower Chimp, Zalora and dahmakan.
However, for those in the Platinum tier will also be entitled to the following exclusive privileges:
Priority booking – Preference will be given to them when booking a ride during peak hours
Platinum Support Line – A dedicated hotline number built within the app to provide them immediate assistance.
Exclusive Access – They will be able to get first-hand experience of any new features Grab introduces.

 “Innovation is a key driver of our business’ success especially in Malaysia, and we are fully committed to constantly iterate and improve the Grab app experience to make it an integrated lifestyle app that resonates well with our passengers. We aim to ensure we provide a tailor-made and localised loyalty programme that excites all our passengers. As part of our ongoing initiative to keep the programme fresh and exciting, we will be announcing new and exciting deals from our partners so passengers can stay abreast to the development by checking the catalogue of Reward Partners which is available in the Grab App,” elaborated Goh.

To start earning GrabRewards points:
1. Download the Grab App* from either Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.
2. Key-in the respective pick-up and drop-off locations.
3. Click Book.
4. Upon completion of ride, you can check your GrabRewards points collected.
Tip: Register your debit*/credit card as a payment option in GrabPay to level up 10X faster!

For more details about Grab and GrabRewards, please click
* Please ensure your Grab App is always updated.
** If you are using a debit card, please do not forget to call your bank to authorise your transaction!