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Ordinary Cruise ExtraOrdinary Service with Hwajing Travel & Tours

It is a great opportunity to have a chance to have a cruise especially with your love one.  A MUST to do list once in my lifetime. Thanks for the great opportunity this round where I am being invited to have a chance to go for a ride in this awesome cruise.

Hwajing brings us with an unforgettable memories this round bringing us to the ship and let us enjoy the fullest there. Well; one of the highlights of the whole cruise is of course the high tea. We are superbly excited about the hi-tea where they are exclusively made for us.

Have your self served by the well-trained staff and we are dining like a king there. Three layer hi-tea served with the steward attendant clad in the traditional steward outfit , with white gloves and napkins. Greeted as you walk in .. oh my !! I felt so VIP oo!

Served to our seats, our meals begins. Being a food blogger as profession, I had few disappointing meals inside the ship but this one really double thumbs up. We are served with the delicious 3 tier  hi-tea where it comes with both savoury and sweet selection. Ok, what I like is the savoury, the creme brulee is  a must and also the macaroons. Yummz.. I cant get enough of it.

And whats more they are exclusive .. specially for those who booked with Hwajing Travel & Tours. This only apply to 4 days 3 nights package. The Royal High Tea experience is available exclusively for Hwajing Tavel & Tours customers and it is by EXCLUSIVE INVITATION.

As many been telling me that sitting cruise would be boring as it is meant for the gamblers, I dont think so as there are so much to do here.  They are actually cater for not the gamblers, but you can have a romantic experience with your love one, waking up and look at the beautiful sea in front.

Macam relax ! Arent they! 

Have a romantic stay with the cruise where you can find beautiful view of the sea ..

For families, have your meal with your children and get some fun with them in the cruise. They do have exciting activities for children as well as families to get along. 
Swim  in their pool or enjoy the jacuzzi in the ship too 

Help your self with the unlimited buffet selection where some of their restaurant are HALAL certified as well. 

For those who love to get some drinks, and party; have your beer here too. 

We do enjoyed some exciting shows too during the trip 

And not just that, nothing beats a witnessing the sun-rise with your love one with the perfect view. This is just heavenly. 

Well, if you are looking for a trip of a life time, spending sometime with your loves one, Hwajing Travel and Tour. For more information, For more information on Cruises, check out Hwajing Travel & Tour. 

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