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Let your voice guide the way!

The next Waze voice guide is…you! For years, Waze custom voice prompts have thrilled and delighted Wazers on their daily drives. Every day, Waze receives countless requests and ideas from Wazers, with personalised voice guidance being one of the most popular requests. Today, Waze is happy to announce the new Voice Recorder feature, which lets you record all your voice prompts any way you like. Add some character, pizazz, some je ne sais quoi - channel your most commanding or playful mood and let your voice guide the way.

As easy as 1-2-3. 
With Waze, drivers are given the most engaging tools to personalise their driving experience. The Voice Recorder function lets Wazers customise their drive by recording turn-by-turn voice prompts. Easily turn Voice Recorder on in Settings/Sound & Voice, and record as many voice prompts as you like. Use the easy recorder tool and mind the time limit for each prompt. For prompts left unrecorded, Waze will play the default voice directions in your country. Currently, the recorded voice prompts will be available to the individual user, with a future plan to make sharing voice recordings possible between Wazers.

This feature is going live worldwide however, on Android platforms only, iOS platform will be coming soon.

Get creative!
This new feature allows Wazers to have fun with the App and also customize it to their own preference. Wazers can personalize their own drive with their own voices or their loved ones to guide them to their destination. Why not let you mum guide you home on Mother’s day?

Waze continues to provide fun and light-hearted features to delight drivers and make the driving experience less stressful. This feature is only the starting point and will ultimately include additional capabilities like sharing their creative voice prompts with others.

Add-On Services!
Waze is the most reliable and user-friendly navigation App in the market. We here at Waze that the public’s convenience and security with very high regards and ensure the App and features are updated on a timely basis with the rapid change of technology and driving related issues on the rise.