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Save as You Shop Baby Clothes with Carousell

As my little girl grows up I found there are  so much that I throw or donated all their clothes to people. At times; I had bought loads of clothing but it is so expensive and she only wear only once or twice and it could not fit anymore. For mothers,we are aware that baby clothes is simply expensive as it may take up to a few hundreds for only 1-2 piece of cloth. Being the only child in the family, it is always a waste of money when you just wear them a few times.

And now as times are bad, money management is very important nowadays. And thanks to Carousell where they indeed  have make our life better. With the variety of things you can find in Carousell from mobile phones, curtains, children clothes, and many more ; one can actually save a lot from buying via Carousell.

What is Carousell ?
Carousell is a online platform founded back in 2012 where this online mobile platform let one to buy and sell product/ items easily. For home user, we can sell our unused product/ secondhand product via Carousell. What you need to do is to snap picture and sell them online and as for buyers just surf them via your phone and buy them there.

As I am getting some clothes for Grace for a wedding and party, I am getting them from Carousell as they comes with wide variety of choices and what I need is just my phone and internet connection. I can scroll all the patterns, sizes and details I need without going through the hassle of walking in to the mall and wasting my time and money for parking, jam, toll and petrol. I can easily surf them when i am eating, or relaxing at home.

A must to say is SAVE MONEY . Buying clothing from stall or shops you will get the similar one but  the price is much more expensive due to space and more. And i had spotted a few nice clothing and shoes for Grace which is cheaper than outside.  Even though it maybe second hand, but who would know about that as they are still beautiful and look like NEW and as we know children grows up very fast.

As for the Apps, they are simply simple to use as their interface are indeed user friendly as well. It is just need scrolling down and up and everything is well categorise making us easy to see which we wanna buy.

And as my daughter had grown up;  i can now get a cheaper baby clothes from other sellers and as for me, I can sell my unwanted baby clothes online as well. As we buy and sell within the community, we are supporting each other reuse, recycle and also save at the same time as well. And here are some I am aiming some nice dresses for my little girl too.

Overall, I am pretty addicted and love shopping with Carousell as it is very convenient. You can actually PM the seller and ask directly the seller. Some you can meet up them and do COD with them or arrange for delivery. It is simply easy and yet I can save money and shop more things now