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In an initiative to highlight the importance of the bond between mothers and daughters, and the role this plays in healthcare education, BETADINE® Feminine Care makers, Mundipharma, recently hosted an event for 30 pairs of mothers and daughters.  The special occasion included, a movie screening of a fictional comedy film ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, fun activities and an interactive talk on feminine hygiene.

During the event, the BETADINE® team surprised mothers and daughters with bonding activities such as massage sessions, mother’s portrait sketches and singing songs dedicated to mothers to encourage them to be more comfortable with each other and enable more open conversation about topics, including feminine hygiene.

The educational talk on feminine health highlighted the fact of imbalance in healthy intimate flora that can result in a variety of symptoms. Hence it is important to maintain hygiene in the intimate zone. Mundipharma is taking the lead in encouraging face-to-face education on this topic because it believes there is a taboo that needs to be broken and there are easy solutions that can help address these health issues.

For example, the BETADINE® Daily Feminine Care range cleans, soothes and protects with its natural Tri-CareTM formula with prebiotics that supports the intimate area’s natural pH balance1-6. Made in Germany, it comes in two convenient formats – a liquid cleanser, BETADINE® Feminine Wash, and BETADINE® Feminine Wash Foam, which has a different feel and lets women skip the extra step of lathering the wash before applying.

Emcee, Serena C, shared her personal tips on how she tries to spend more time with her mom, and on the BETADINE® Malaysia Facebook page, the daughters shared post about their most memorable time together with their mothers. One of the daughters, Adri Ong shared, “My mother is my best friend because in her, I confided my utmost fears, my silly hopes, my best wins and worst woes, and in return she gave me a best friend’s warmth, loyalty, lovability and acceptance”.

“Mothers and daughters have always shared a close bond but as they grow older, some conversation topics may seem off limits because they don’t keep in close contact with each other as often as they’d like to,” said Suresh Pragasam, Country Manager of Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd. “We want to break the taboo and encourage both mothers and daughters to have honest face-to-face conversations with each other and not shy away from personal topics such as feminine hygiene.”

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