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Jessie Chung Dedicates “JC Vlog” to Fans

Jessie Chung is currently taking a hiatus from the show biz to complete her second doctoral dissertation in Australia. Many fans left a message on Jessie’s Facebook page to send her their best wishes. Jessie, being the thoughtful person she is, willingly took some time off amidst her busy schedule to film a series of videos for her fans to satisfy their “crave”.
During these days in Australia, not only did Jessie spend time completing her thesis and studying for her doctorate in health research, she also took the time to write and research for the latest anti-cancer naturotherapy. Jessie and her husband Joshua Beh are currently staying in a small boat, living all on their own. 

To complete her graduate dissertation, Jessie has so far been tutored one-on-one by three highly regarded Australian naturopathic professors. Jessie stated that besides these three professors, she will also learn from many naturopathic doctors, professors, and experts. When she is finished with her training, she hopes that she’ll be able to train more professional therapists to help more people. 
On the other hand, Jessie had to postpone all the publicity activities her artist manager originally planned for her in Australia, including TV shows, radio programs, magazine interviews, etc. Jessie revealed that she feels like that she has a tiger by the tail now, and that she can’t spread herself too thin nor chase two rabbits at once. Thinking about a patient in agony always breaks her heart, so she has to hone her skills in the medical field. Caught in such a dilemma, Jessie cried out to her viewers, “What do you guys think I should do?”
Although her hands are completely full, she never forgets about her fans; she would occasionally transform into a director to film the tiny aspects of her life. She calls the video series “JC Vlog” and posts them regularly to her Facebook page for the world to see.
In an episode of JC Vlog, Jessie brought everyone on a tour of her home sweet home (tiny trawler). In the video, she shared that one of the reasons why she chose to live on a boat is because buying a boat in Australia is a lot more economical than buying a house. She joked that her home is also a “portable” house, and that if the news announced a natural disaster was coming, she would be able to escape with her house! Plus, living on the seas serves as an inspiration for her writings, songs, and lyrics, and she could focus on her studies and wrap up her graduate thesis in a peaceful environment. 
In other episodes, she discussed about different boat categories, introduced the viewers to her professors, and shared some cooking tips in her boat’s kitchen… It’s apparent that although she lives on a tiny boat, she is nevertheless joyful and content. 
The JC Vlog series, filmed by Jessie herself, has become an internet sensation. “Through my Facebook page,” said Jessie, “I hope that I can keep in touch with my fans and friends… Those who want to see me will have to pay attention to my Facebook page! So glad to see everyone’s comments and encouragements!”