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Educating Consumers the Importance of Car Maintenance to Be Safe On the Road

The recent ‘Op Selamat 11/2017’ concluded that number of fatal accidents and deaths dropped by 12% and 14% respectively, citing “self-destructive factors”, negligence and carelessness as one of the causes. In 2016, the Malaysian Institute Road Safety Research (MIRORS) also revealed that 80.6% of accidents were attributed to human error while 19.4% were attributed to road and vehicle conditions. Reminding drivers the need to be safe on the road, Goodyear Malaysia organized a tour in Klang Valley, providing free tire and 10-point car service checks, as well as distribution of the Goodyear Hari Raya Thoughtful Pack.

The initiative is part of Goodyear’s Better Future, the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts focused on promoting and improving safety in the communities where the company operates, through an array of road safety community engagement programs.

“This year, we wanted to engage fellow Malaysians in a more personal manner, where we visited bazaars and had conversations with the patrons, reminding everyone how important it is to have their vehicles and tires checked regularly, besides abiding the traffic law designed to protect us”, said Ben Hoge, Managing Director at Goodyear Malaysia Berhad.

“As tires are the only component that comes into contact with the road, we have designed a mini basic tire maintenance booklet providing essential information on what to check on a regular basis. We all have a role to play to ensure road safety for everyone, so that all of us can look forward to a memorable Hari Raya celebration month.” he added.

Consumers can also download the booklet content (images below) as a guideline to ensure their tires are checked and safe on the road.