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Car cleaning made easy with WD-40®

Let's face it – no matter a car’s age, made or design, it only looks good if it is well cleaned and cared for. 

Of course, it also speaks volumes about the owner. Dusty and grimy just doesn't show anyone in a good light, like having a dirty house. Which is why many car enthusiasts spend tonnes – in terms of cash and time – on a variety of cleaning products or treatments to keep their wheels sparkly, inside and out.

But what many of them don’t know or realise, is that they may already have a very handy and very common household product tucked away in a little corner or drawer in their garage that can do the job easily – if not better – and at a much cheaper price too.

Yup, we’re talking about that little blue can wonder, the WD-40® Multi-Use Product! A great lubricant, it also works incredibly well as a penetrant, moisture displacer, rust preventative and yes: multi-purpose cleaner! So much so that over the years, many consumers have reported that the WD-40® Multi-Use Product is a great product to keep a car clean, both inside and out.

It’s effective in removing tar, mud and other such icky deposits from chrome and painted surfaces, WITHOUT harming the finishing.

It’s also very nifty on a car’s grill to remove or prevent the build-up of grime. Hate that old bumper sticker that you just can’t seem to peel off properly? Hit it with some WD-40®! Annoyed by those unsightly smudges left from an overly sticky road tax sticker? Just a spritz of the WD-40® and off they will come! 

A simple spray of the WD-40® on the hood or roof, followed by a quick rinse with soapy water, will also remove tree sap or those horrid bird droppings. 

It also works well on the inside of a car. For example, if your seat upholstery or carpet has been dirtied by crayon or stained with greasy fingerprints, just spray on some WD-40® on the affected area and give it a few rubs with a cloth to remove the stain. 

Similarly, if you find some old bubble gum stuck in the carpeting of your car or the seats? Try WD-40® and just rub it out with soapy water afterwards.

With this handy and versatile little blue can around, why do you need to pay so much for expensive car care products? Just make sure you keep at least a can of  the WD-40® Multi-Use Product lying around at home – cause you never know what you may need it for.

After all, besides cleaning the car, it’s fantastic to be used in lubricating hinges, stop annoying squeaks and even freeing a stuck antenna. 

To find out why car enthusiasts love WD-40® so much that it’s almost a permanent fixture in any car garage, check out today!