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Impulse Buying Out Of Control? All Hope Is Not Lost with Carousell

Bargains have always been hard to resist, haven’t they? Especially with the ongoing 1Malaysia Mega Sale Shopping Carnival, there must have been some damage done to your bank account. The good news is, you can let go of your hesitation and shop without the guilt.  Carousell is here to help you find new owners for your impulse buys and undo your unplanned purchases.

Luckily, many things bought online can be returned. But what about items bought at clearance sales and super offers that are non-returnable? So how can you undo your impulse buys and declutter your home?

This is where Carousell comes in to save the day. Carousell is the go-to platform to find new owners for your clothes, accessories and just about anything else you don’t plan to use anymore.

Rest assured – there will be demand for those items, especially after a sale. For instance, after a recent flash sale, the Carousell marketplace saw a 10% increase in number of searches, and a 15% increase in number of listings.

With this option to sell off your impulse buys, you can say goodbye to buyer’s regret for good.

“I often succumb to temptation and find myself buying clothes I’ll never wear. Carousell is very convenient for me when it comes to finding a new home for my possessions,’’ says Grace Myu @gracemyu, who is an active seller on Carousell.

With Carousell, you can sell off those impulse buys, or better yet – find sale items at an even lower price.

Create a listing in 30 seconds to sell or shop from a massive online marketplace wherever, whenever with no listing fees, commissions, or extra charges. Set up your very own mobile and web e-commerce store quickly and seamlessly and start letting go of your preloved and make money, while discovering great deals.

To help you sell off your impulse buys, here are some tips from Carousell to selling online:
1. Take beautiful pictures of your items - Make a first good impression with a clean and neat photo. A white background works best to make your items really stand out.

2. Set realistic prices - Things can get competitive on Carousell so don’t set an unrealistically high price. Do a quick check of the similar items on Carousell and benchmark your pricing against theirs.Also, don’t hesitate to share the price you purchased it at – this may just convince a potential buyer that they are getting a great deal.

3. Spill the details - Provide the brand, description of your items, condition of the item. For example, if your recent impulse purchase is still in mint condition, be sure to to state that it was never worn, or with the tag attached.

So if you are having guilty pangs from your impulse shopping, don’t fret. All you need is 30 seconds to snap, list and sell! So what’re you waiting for? Download Carousell on your mobile phones now. We assure you - selling is as easy as taking a photo and buying is as simple as chatting!