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Day 1 : Travel with Kids in Hong Kong

First time bringing Grace to Hong Kong and we thought we had hard times of settling her. But it was easier as we think. The journey from KL to HK took us 4 hours and we bought some gummies and also some bread and ribena so she would be good in the plane. Everything went fine and thanks to Malaysian Airlines for the good food and service that keep her fun and occupied.

Arriving to Hong Kong, we took the shutter bus to our hotel and the journey is around an hour from the airport. She enjoyed the scenic view of the Hong Kong and she have good fun in the bus. Thanks to the wifi that we bought in Malaysia. With the WIFI, we no longer have worries for her where she can entertained herself with youtube and cartoons.

We had our stay in Shangri-La Island and it is indeed an impressive hotel with lovely bathtub that we can soaked all day long. The rooms are beautiful and impressive and Grace love it so much. It's location comes simply convenient and easy access to MTR in Hong Kong too. 

And as for dinner we hopped to Mandarin Oriental Hotel for our quick dinner where they are famed for their all day dining. Delicious food here which is just tempting and as good as it should be.

We then took her for a ride in the Hong Kong Iconic "Ting Ting Bus" and she really enjoyed them. And here we called it a day for our Day 1 Trip in Hong Kong