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Plan Your Home Renovation

Home is where my heart is
And we recently got our keys for our new home!

Well, it making sure that everything works well for my home renovation, there is so much that you need to do with either your Interior Designer and the team. It is always good to share your thoughts with your ID  on what you want to do or what is your biggest concern. Everyone have different concerns on your home either space concern, design structure, your theme or more.

1. Mark your CONCERN
As for me, SPACE is my biggest concern and how to maximise the space to put most of things into cabinets and not showing out everything. It is always good to share all this with your ID so they can think of the idea. If your home is small, use MIRROR to make it bigger.

2. Renovation COST 
Costing is another thing that you need to work around. Some say renovation cost is 10% - 30% of your property value. As so, you should do the right budgeting. Get a few quotes and compare them Apple to Apple. With this  you can know what is the market rate as well as you can know how much will you be spending on your renovation. Get the COST out and itemise them.

3. Don't RUSH
Don't rush to book everything as you will probably making a wrong decision even though it looks cheap. Design keep changing, the space may not be what you think of. You may think that 6 feet table maybe good for your home, but when you get your keys it may not be so! Asides, you may get better deals from fair to fair or even other places.