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What To Prepare For Your Contractor or ID

After confirming your ID or contractor; it would be good if you can prepare the things for your contractor / ID so everything would run smoothly.

1. Build As Plan

If you are planning to hack the wall, or removing walls, a Built as Plan is very important especially for your condos. This is because it will impact the structure of your building. As so, get the build as plan from the management office or developer so you can know which wall that you can hack or remove and which wall you can't so you can plan your renovation the right way

2. Water Inlets  Plan
If you are planning to install some water filter for your own home, do check where the main pipe coming from. With this, you can know where to put the water filter to filter your own home. There are a variety of water filter in the market that you can look at. Some is for your drinking, some is to filter the whole house before reaching to you. So, with this, you can workout with your contractor where can you install your filter.

3. List of furniture / electrical appliances you purchase 
If you are looking to do some installation or cabinets to mount in your furniture, do prepare the list and the measurement to your contractor. It would be easier if you have prepare them early so you do not need to check everything they call you. As for me, I will print the details of the product out and also the Height  x Width and details. With all this prepared, they can easily help you to plan your power points correctly as well.

4. Tiles No/ List 
While doing renovation, there will of course be some hacking or adding in additional tiles. To make sure you get the right tone  of tiles, you can actually ask the tiles code from the management or the developer. It is also good to keep a copy just in case you need to use them later days,

It would be good if you can provide and print all the details and confirmation with your contractor and pass to them to make your renovation goes smoothly. Hope this will help you on your renovation