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HUAWEI Consumer Business Group Announces HUAWEI P20 Series Sales Figures at CES Asia 2018

 At CES Asia 2018, HUAWEI Consumer BG announced the latest sales figures of its critically acclaimed flagship HUAWEI P20 Series. Since the flagship series was launched in late-March, HUAWEI has moved six million units of its newest flagship devices worldwide, up 81 percent globally compared to HUAWEI P10 Series’ performance last year.

“The incredible reception and sales performance of the HUAWEI P20 Series demonstrate that we understand our markets, and show our commitment to innovation and R&D,” said Kevin Ho, President of HUAWEI’s Handsets Product Line. “We see our success with the HUAWEI P20 Series as encouragement to drive us to continue to excel. Expect to see more from us before the year closes out.”

At CES Asia 2018, HUAWEI also launched the second annual NEXT-IMAGE Awards, with support of International Center of Photography (ICP), the world’s leading institution dedicated to photography and visual culture. Announced on stage during a keynote presentation by Mr. Ho, the NEXT-IMAGE Awards provide HUAWEI smartphone users with an opportunity to showcase their best work to a global audience. The call for entries begins today. For more details, please refer to the official awards website: