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5 kinds of jobs you never knew actually uses WD-40

Found in almost every garage or workshop in the world, WD-40, which stands for Water Displacement-Formula Number 40, has often been associated with automotive and maintenance care, in particular the signature blue can WD-40 Multi-Use Product. But there are thousands of uses for WD-40.

While one of its main functions, like its name says, is to displace or remove water particles from the surfaces and materials it comes into contact with, it is also great as a degreaser (to remove greaser and oil), and unbonder (to dissolve certain glues, especially sticky labels), a polisher, a cleaner, and a solvent (to dissolve materials like polycarbonates or wax).

These properties make WD-40 a fantastic go-to product for jewellers, sportsmen, coin collectors, shoemakers, and musicians!

To a jeweller, the WD-40 is great for helping to polish jewelry. It works great on giving that shine back to silver, and helps to clean and prevent rust on jewelry.

To a sportsman, the list of things WD-40 can do can run a couple of pages long. Essentially, it can lubricate and clean sports equipment (be it golf clubs, rackets or cue sticks) protect them from rust and corrosion, drive out moisture (think bicycle chains, scuba diving gear, boat parts) help break in new roller skates, stop those annoying squeaks on your sports machines, and many many more.

To a coin collector, WD-40 has been used for years to help clean old coins and burnish them to their original glory, without scraping the surface or harming the design of the coins.

To a shoemaker, WD-40 helps remove wax used on the shoes, lubricates shoe buckles, make old leather shoes soft and pliable again, restores transparency of plastic shoes, clean shoe repair equipment and lubricate axle on rotating shoe polisher.

To a musician, WD-40 is great for musical instrument string care, with many users who have used it for years on their instruments reporting that their strings last longer. It also helps lubricate 'fine tuner' screw on stringed instruments, make rusty piano strings pliable again, and clean music racks.

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