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In conjunction with New Year celebration, KMT JAYA Sdn Bhd held a NONGSHIM ‘WIN A CAR’ contest to reward all its customers. An official prize giving ceremony was held at KMT JAYA new office in Shah Alam for the Grand Prize and 2nd Prize winners. KMT JAYA Sdn Bhd presented a brand new Perodua Bezza to the lucky Grand Prize winner, Ms. Nora binti Kamal. 2nd Prize winner, Mr. Wong Kuan Seng was also thrilled to walk away with a new Modenas KRISS MR1 motorcycle.

The NONGSHIM ‘WIN A CAR’ contest which was held between 20th November 2017 and 28th February 2018 garnered a total of more than 5,000 submissions. From these participations 44 of them were drawn randomly to win various prizes worth a total of RM80,000. These prizes included LED TV, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner for weekly winners and 36 packs of Nongshim Shin Ramyun for consolation prize winners. All winners were drawn through Facebook live at Oiso Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square on 14th March 2018. Link:

Speaking at the ceremony, Managing Director of KMT JAYA Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Matthew Lee said, “I would like to extend my appreciation to all participants for your support towards this campaign and congratulations to all winners. KMT JAYA will continue to strive to provide more high-quality Korean products and lead the market trend to meet customers’ expectations.”

Ms. Nora, the grand prize winner said, “I was truly surprised when I received the exciting news that I won a Perodua Bezza. I have always loved to eat Shin Ramyun because it tastes good and Halal-certified. Besides its portion is bigger too, I can find it easily at any supermarket near my house.”

Mr. Wong Kuan Seng, the 2nd prize winner said, “I never thought to be so lucky to win the motorcycle. The contest caught my eyes on its packaging while I was doing grocery shopping with my family. So we just gave it a try.”

Nongshim has been focusing to expand its market toward the world and creating the Korean wave in global food market. Nongshim’s greatest success and trademark, Shin Ramyun has become the representative ramyun of Korea and most loved for its spicy flavor and chewy texture of noodle. As health consciousness among consumers are getting higher, Shin Ramyun and all other Nongshim noodles are produced with safe manufacturing processes including zero preservatives, zero trans-fat, and less sodium.

This year, the excitement continues with Nongshim’s new products, MR. BIBIM Korean Spicy Chicken and MR. BIBIM Stir-fried Kimchi dry noodles. “Bibim” means “Stir” as translated from Korean. Both flavors bring a punch with a spicier and more intense taste that is sure to resonate with Asian’s love of spicy foods. The new hit MR. BIBIM noodles are Halal-certified by Korea Muslim Federation (KMF), recognized by JAKIM. They are now available in major stores.