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Fernleaf UHT : 100% Mmmmm from New Zealand

I love milk and Fernleaf is another of our family choice. And this brand had grown up with us and it is one of favorite brand for sure. And withthe tagline " 100% Mmmmm milk from New Zealand" ; its definite my girl choice !

And when purchasing milk or any consumption food for my little one, I will definite to do survey and learn about the product first. It is good as it will ensure that the kid will consume the right product and benefits to their health. 

100% Grass Fed
And in here the cow in New Zealand are fed with their grazing lush grasses. And the important thing is in New Zealand’s fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine had made it one of the best places in the world to produce milk. By spending 90% of the time grazing the grass freely on the sunny days, you will be assured that the cows will be receiving a healthy dose of Vitamin D and with this you will get the higher level of Vitamin D compared to other dairy cows that are often confined in indoors.

Their Dairy Cows Produce Milk Naturally
With the high quality of grass, cozy climate, clean air and water, their dairy cows will definite to produce milk naturally without any form of milk booster. And it means there is no addictive!! 

Dairy Expert
With over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, their dedicated farmers take prides of their work and they will ensure that the milk produced will have the highest quality at every stage of the milk production from clean water, high quality grass and all the way to the finished products.

And with all the benefits, it is a must to have your milk now with the 100% Mmmm…..  milk produced from Ferneaf all the way from New Zealand. So, why not we enjoy milk with Fernleaf where they are not just benefits to the children but also to adults. Not just having all the nutriants you need for your healthy bones as well.

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