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Domino’s Pizza Ups Its Game Officially Launches Domino’s Esports

Fast paced, quick to respond and sharp skills are outstanding traits in professional Esports athletes. Domino’s Pizza is proud to acknowledge these exceptional characteristics and the potential that Esports holds for Malaysians as it marks its entry into the Esports arena with its official launch of Domino’s Esports.

In line with its commitment to enhance the lives of its customers and fans, Domino’s Pizza has embarked on a dedicated initiative through Domino’s Esports to support the needs of the Esports community for greater development in Malaysia. As part of this effort, Domino’s has been engaging with key groups in the local Esports arena to gain feedback and deeper understanding while identifying possible areas of focus for Domino’s to collaborate hand in hand with the industry participants.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore, Ba U Shan-Ting, is clearly excited about this new venture. At the launch he said, “We are a brand that is passionate about all that we do and this is driven by our ambition of creating value and enriching the lives of our customers. Although we are a pizza delivery company, we look beyond creating innovative new products and services. Especially in today’s launch, tech forward content that is relevant to the right target audience drives our strategies in engaging with our fans beyond offering quality products and services.”

“We envision a long-term collaboration with Esports participants starting from the grassroots, all the way up to the professionals. There would be many discussions that we will be having with these different groups but our intention is simple – to understand what’s needed by the community and create a solution that will support the growth of Esports in Malaysia.”

“Today marks the official chapter of Domino’s venture into the world of Esports. The Esports industry has a lot to offer. More and more Malaysians are getting serious and competitive about the world of Esports and this initiative demonstrates our support for this exciting arena. There is much potential in this industry and it goes beyond just being the player for the game. From being a gamer, to a streamer, to shoutcaster, to game developer and other technical expertise. Talent development in Esports is as just important as any other sector to ensure that young Malaysians are given the opportunity to flourish and grow and we look forward to partner with the industry participants to do just that. We also know that pizzas are a gamer’s best friend and we plan to play an active role in addressing their needs,” he concluded.

In line with its brand promise of It’s All About You, Domino’s strives to enhance customers’ experience across multiple touch points. A great amount of effort has been invested to kick start the discussions amongst the key players in Malaysia. Among the highlights of the discussion includes the urgent need to address the grassroots development to as to enable the process of identifying and shaping the players from a young age. Furthermore, there needs to be an in-depth understanding of the Esports industry to ensure that the community grows and benefits, above commercial value or profitability, even with the involvement of corporations or brands. Above all, there needs to be a structured approach in terms of trainings to provide teams with the edge and skills-set needed to sharpen their talent. This partnership provides a platform to develop an ecosystem in nurturing players and cater to the needs of the community.

To kick off Domino’s Esports, the international brand is teaming up with a leading Southeast Asian based online gaming platform provider, Garena. This collaboration sees Domino’s Pizza’s tie-up with the platform through three of their videogame titles namely Arena of Valor, a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Contra: Return, a highly anticipated mobile game based on the classic ‘Contra’ franchise, and Free Fire, a survival-third person shooter game.

Offers for the collaboration are available from November to mid-December 2018, via Domino’s Good Game Combo where customers can enjoy one Regular pizza of their choice, one Twisty Bread, their choice of sides and one 1.5L soft drink for only RM34.90. Customers also can opt for the Well Played Combo, which includes two Regular pizzas of their choice, one Twisty Bread, one Crazy Chicken Crunchies as well as their choice of sides and one 1.5L soft drink for only RM54.90.

With the purchase of the combos, customers are eligible to redeem one in-game unique code for Arena of Valor, Contra: Return and Free Fire. Among the redemptions includes rare skins, heroes, coins and weapons for gamers to up their ammo on their battlegrounds.

Ready to take-on the Esports scene, plans are underway for Domino’s Pizza to partner up with other key players in the industry. Prior to today’s collaboration, Domino’s Pizza has been involved in various activities and events, actively supporting the Esports industry. Domino’s is set to embark on a long-term journey to pursue its keen interest in collaborating with various communities and partners in the Esports industry.

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