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Keep It Clean for a Worry-Free Ride with Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles

Providing a clean solution for motorcycle riders who desire the benefits of Techron® Concentrate Plus in a convenient small pack, Chevron Malaysia Limited, which markets the Caltex® brand, has launched the Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles, a fuel system cleaner for motorcycles.

This premium fuel additive made for motorcycles is the newest addition to the Techron® family, with two predecessors Techron® Concentrate Plus for gasoline engines and the Techron® Diesel Concentrate launched back in 2014 and March 2018 respectively.

The Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles deep cleans the gasoline fuel system in one tankful using the ground-breaking Precision Clean™ technology. This fuel additive works at molecular levels to soften the deposits found in critical parts of the motorcycle fuel system and suspend them in fuel. These deposits are then carried through to the combustion chamber to be burnt and ejected in the exhaust.

Backed with 30 years of research and development, one 75ml bottle of advanced fuel additive can help restore lost engine power, maximise fuel economy, protect against corrosion, reduce harmful emissions and rough idle, deposits control and engine protection and clean the entire fuel system.

Sheryl Law, Marketing Manager AP at Chevron Lubricants said, “Caltex® is constantly at the forefront of innovation, rising up to the challenge to deliver top-notch quality products for engine protection. Driving performance and fuel economy are compromised when grimy deposits build up in an engine’s fuel system. With the latest addition to Caltex’s Techron® family, Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles, riders can be rest assured that their motorcycle engines are fully protected.”

Restore your engine performance in three (3) simple steps!

1. Pull over to your nearest Caltex service station and get yourself a Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycle (be sure your gas tank is near empty at this point!).

2. Pour the entire (75-ml) content of ONE bottle of Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycle into the empty tank.

3. Fill up your tank with your favourite petrol until it’s full. The cleaning starts as you ride away!

“Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles was developed specifically for motorcyclists who seek the need to clean deposits in the motorcycle fuel system which was built over time as a result of using low quality fuels. With Techron’s high-performance fuel, we are giving motorcyclists the opportunity to have a cleaner and worry-free ride,” added Law.

Rider Tips: For best results, use Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles every 3,000 km. Start cleaning by simply pouring the entire bottle into a near empty fuel tank and top up with up to 6 litres of gasoline fuel.

For a worry-free ride, get the 75ml Techron® Concentrate Plus for Motorcycles at the nearest Caltex station near you or participating motorcycle workshops for only RM9.90 per bottle.

For more information on the premium fuel additive, Caltex® and its products, please visit or