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Pizza Hut Malaysia (“Pizza Hut”), Malaysia’s No. 1 pizza chain started off 2019 with its new “Krabby Cheese” pizza in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, encouraging Malaysians to bond with family and friends over a shared pizza meal.

Entailing the elements of Chinese New Year, the new limited-edition “Krabby Cheese” pizza offers a mouthwatering feast with six juicy crab claws, cheese pockets that are complete with oozing melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, generously stuffed with chicken slices topped with roasted red and green capsicums, red onions and delicious pineapple bits.

Pizza Hut holds a passion to bring families and friends together to bond as well as inspire Malaysians to live a heartwarming and fulfilling life. Holding strong to that, Pizza Hut introduced the “Krabby Cheese” as soon as the year begun in conjunction with Chinese New Year. The new limited-edition pizza acts as a catalyst of celebration, calling all friends and loved ones to join in the festivity with Chinese New Year feast that everyone can enjoy together.

In Malaysia, festivities are seen to have monotonous activities, but Pizza Hut wants to heighten the experience by remixing traditions altogether. Living within a diverse community with various cultural activities, Pizza Hut urges all Malaysians to step into the world outside their own and embrace diversity as well as be inclusive of everyone by participating in cross cultural festivities as a whole, not just for Chinese New Year but all festivities.

In addition to that, Pizza Hut came up with its “Ramai-ramai tong-tong sama-sama” video which inspires Malaysians from contrast age groups approaching Chinese New Year differently, encircling life’s diversity altogether. This is to show festivities are so much more heartwarming and fulfilling when everyone actively takes part and step into a world outside their own by mixing traditional and modern values together. Pizza Hut is with young Malaysians to participate in a meaningful way in their own interpretation together.

Wait no more to try out Pizza Hut’s new limited-edition “Krabby Cheese” pizza as they’re generously offering:
Krabby Cheese (Ala Carte) at RM39.80*
Dine-in Combo meals from RM45 onwards*
Delivery Combo meals from RM39.90 onwards

The new Krabby Cheese pizza is now available at all Pizza Hut dine-in, delivery and takeaway restaurants nationwide from 1 Jan until February 2019.  To feel the succulence of the juicy crab meat bites, visit