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Swim along with The Top Boutique Aquarium @ KOMTAR

Last holiday, we brought Grace to The TOP Penang for a short holiday. It is a fun trip for her where she explores the beauty of the fishes. It is not much fishes but for her; she indeed get some fun out of it.

The TOP Penang  is filled with exciting activities cater not just for tourist but also for locals. The TOP Boutique Aquarium is another addition to Penang where they are spanning across 30,000 square feet with up to 100 fish tanks and 150 different species of marine and freshwater fish in the aquarium.

In here, you can walk around looking at the beautiful fish swimming around  and one of their highlights is the biggest freshwater fish in the world which is the Amazonian Arapiama Fish.

What captured my attention is the fish tank are design base on Malaysia local culture. And this comes simply interesting to me.

Not just that, they have many interactive and fun learning station for the kids and adults to go for and each of it comes simply attractive too.