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TrustYou Caters to Chinese Travelers By Offering New WeChat Channel in their Direct Messaging Solution

TrustYou announces today its latest integration in the multi-channel direct messaging solution included in the company’s feedback platform. In addition to live chat, SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, and Google Messaging, the company has now launched WeChat for TrustYou Messaging. 30% of mobile internet time is spent on WeChat, making it China’s most popular communication app. WeChat presents a great opportunity in China and especially when catering to younger generations of travelers. They also rely heavily on WeChat for researching and planning trips, as well as communicating with businesses. Through WeChat, hoteliers can confirm reservations and check-ins, as well as respond to guest inquiries in real-time.

The set-up for WeChat is hassle-free and can be easily done by hotel users from their TrustYou Messaging account. The WeChat integration enables inbound communication, which means that travelers can establish the interaction with the hotel staff through WeChat and reach out whenever they need assistance or wish to provide feedback. Hotels are advised to promote this new integration and encourage guests to use it while on-site.

Benjamin Jost, TrustYou’s CEO said: “Our company is constantly expanding and making efforts to cater to both hoteliers and travelers on a global level, so we understand that each market has its own characteristics. Especially in China, WeChat is such an important part of consumers’ lives and everyday operations that falling short on providing this communication method can cost hoteliers. This is why we are excited to integrate this channel into our multi-channel messaging solution and we are positive that it will support the better communication between hotels and guests, while enabling a high level of personalization”.

Hoteliers use TrustYou Messaging to interact with guests while on-site and request immediate feedback in order to decrease any possible issues and avoid negative post-stay reviews.