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It has been reported that the number of patients in the organ donation waiting list is increasing each year but only 1.3% of the population of Malaysia registered as organ donor pledgers.

To address this concerning issue, the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) recently conducted “Community Organ Donation Drive (CODE): Life - A Forum on Living Renal Transplantation” at Flamingo Hotel by The Lake in Ampang Jaya; an experience-sharing platform created for dialysis patients and caregivers to take care of their wellbeing, as well as educating them on living renal transplantation.

The “CODE: Life” programme first started in November 2018 and has since conducted numerous sessions to promote the cause and further identify barriers that affect those who are uncertain or unaware of the concept of organ donation. The recent session has successfully hosted 120 attendees, among whom were dialysis patients, caregivers and medical personnel involved in renal transplantation.

Some of the activities carried out during the forum included a health talk on renal transplantation by nephrologists, as well as sharing sessions by kidney donors and recipients. The event concluded with an interactive experience-sharing session among the participants and the nephrologist.

“Through the “CODE: Life” programme, NKF hopes to educate and create awareness about kidney transplant as the first option for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, for it allows patients to have a better quality of life as compared to dialysis treatment. Indeed, our participants believe that widespread campaigns around organ donation will not only break the taboo surrounding the subject but will also help the public make informed decisions regarding organ donation that could potentially save their loved ones,” said Chua Hong Wee, CEO of NKF.

For more information on these and future NKF activities or to donate towards the organisation’s efforts, please visit or call 03-7954 9048.