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Murad Prebiotic 4 in 1 Multi Cleanser : Double Thumbs Up Product to have!

I am loving this aromatic and great product from Murad. And this time, we tried their Prebiotic 4-in-1 MultiCleanser where it brings you with the 4-in-1 makeup-removing cleanser replenishes with prebiotics.

This is something new to me and this come right especially this month as I am full force in the kitchen baking for CNY. The cleanser smell so good and I love the scent of it when I am washing my face.

And what's better where the Murad Cleanser actually removes dirt,oil, and also waterproof makeups. It is a gel-to-oil, makeup-removing cleanser that nourishes with prebiotics to balance skin’s microbiome for healthier-looking skin. This 4-in-1, non-drying formula features an ultra-cleansing peptide to melt makeup, dirt and excess oil, while moisturizing emollients deeply hydrate.

With the prebiotic powder which is added into it, it actually nourishes good bacteria to promote a healthy balance to your skin. And what I love after using them for a week, I felt my skin becomes not too oily as well as it actually helps on reducing my pores as well.

This products is situable for Normal, Oily, Combination ,Dry as well as Sensitive. For more information, you can checkout more from their website too.