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Meet Samsung The Frame: Blending Lifestyle And Art To Redefine TV Viewing Experience

 Art is loved and admired throughout the world, but it has not been easy to visit prestigious artworks and galleries we love, given the current global situation. Fortunately for art lovers in 2021, technological breakthroughs in the art world and innovation from Samsung have changed the experience. Today, at a click of a button, you can turn your wall into a gallery of distinguished art collections whenever inspiration strikes.   

Meet The Frame

Enter, Samsung’s The Frame. As the name suggests, this powerful and elegant 4K QLED TV is designed to look like a photo frame when it is not in use, seamlessly blending into your decor. It not only enhances your space as a TV but becomes a part of your personal gallery as a work of art. Thanks to Samsung's Quantum Dot technology, The Frame delivers a full 100% colour volume, so you see incredibly realistic colour that preserves rich detail and texture — even at wide angles.

World-class Galleries All in Your Living Room


When the TV is not in use, it switches into an Art Mode to deliver a modern way to display your own personal art collection, from great works of art to personal photographs. With an expanded library of over 1,400 acclaimed pieces from the Art Store, you can even set to have one unique piece every day! Over time, it learns the user’s style and taste and recommends art pieces accordingly. The ultimate art gallery experience also comes from The Frame’s capability to automatically adjusts screen brightness when external lighting conditions change, keeping the natural colours of your artwork from changing. Check out the rich Art Store gallery here.

Designed for Style, Yours 


Built with design innovations, The Frame is slimmer and more customizable than ever. Thanks to its thin body and no gap wall-mount, it hangs close to the wall just like a real photo frame. Available in 32" up to 75" inches, it offers users a choice of customizable bezels in a variety of colours to fit your space, taste, or artwork. As the bezels are magnets, it is simple to attach and detach for a different style at any time. Don’t want to waste that nice cabinet or can’t fit it to the wall? Just place The Frame in a traditional position to comfortably watch your favourite movies and TV shows or adjust the stand legs to mimic a standing picture frame — perfect for viewing masterpieces in smaller spaces.

TV Features at Its Best   


Breakthrough QLED picture and sound technologies make

The Frame the ultimate home viewing and listening experience. Its Quantum Dot technology delivers the finest picture ever, letting you see every vibrant colour, shade, and tone of everything you watch exactly as it was meant to be seen, while SpaceFit Sound technology analyses the room environment and then auto-calibrates The Frame's TV sound to its optimal settings. As most modern TVs do, The Frame is also perfect as your work and productivity companion. Access office files right from home by downloading the PC on TV app to your office PC, connecting a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and get the day's work done right from home. With MultiView, enjoy the flexibility of having two streams on the screen, so you never miss any details, and pair The Frame with the SmartThings app on Android device or Apple AirPlay on iPhone, to move your video calls to a bigger screen for better video chatting experience. Alternatively, you can also use the Tap View function for when you need a bigger view. 

Innovation that puts users at the centre

As a global leader in the electronic industry, Samsung has led the industry's technological changes from time to time and influenced people's lifestyles with in-depth consumer insights and unique design concepts. Samsung’s The Frame has successfully broken through the boundary between technology and art, established a new standard for future TV design art, and outlined a beautiful scene of future home life.

Whether it is your favourite art piece, precious family photographs, or paintings of artwork by your little ones, The Frame is perfect to capture your most-loved moments. To start picking your own The Frame, visit