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Sunway University Expands School of Engineering and Technology with Two New Honours Programmes

 To support the fastest growing fields that has developed and progressed over the last 12 months - engineering and technology - of which the need which has been significantly magnified since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunway University has announced that it will be introducing two new programmes at its School of Engineering and Technology - the Bachelor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Honours and the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours programmes.

The two new programmes are addition to the currently available 11 graduate and post-graduate programmes. 

The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours programme will admit its first cohort of students in August 2020 while the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours programme will admit its first cohort in March 2022.

 “Science, Technology, and Engineering, including electronics, communications, and Computing, have been pivotal to the introduction of innovative and efficient solutions and tools to mitigate the damage caused by the calamity of the pandemic. With the increasing need for future innovative engineers, the Sunway University School of Engineering and Technology have extended our programme offerings after a decade of continuous success and high-growth under the vision of Sunway University Chancellor, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah,” said Professor Serge Demidenko, Dean of School of Engineering and Technology.

He further explained that the programmes are the result of extensive work which has been carried out during the last two years by the team at the School of Engineering and Technology, supported by the relevant offices of the University. 

“Science is about knowing an idea, engineering is the act of executing it. Over the years, engineering has proven to be one of the most essential disciplines in our daily life as it deals with actual solutions to real problems. For technology breakthroughs to happen sooner, future generations locally and globally must be nurtured theoretically and practically to unlock their innovative intelligence,” he added. 

To support the additional extension of the programmes, Sunway University has also invested in new laboratories and high-quality equipment. The School employs the latest innovative teaching methodologies and approaches which will expose students to the latest theories, engineering practices, equipment, and tools. 

With the guidance of a team of highly-qualified academics with advanced professional qualifications, diverse international exposure, and strong research portfolios, students will experience enhanced learning and expose themselves to world-class opportunities.

“Our engineering programmes are designed to nurture future engineers to build a technology-enabled world. We are offering a new line of curriculum in addition to the fundamental principles of engineering to produce engineers with future skills,” said Associate Professor Ir. Abdul Aziz Omar, Director of Engineering Programs Development.

Both of the new Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) programmes have received provisional accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Malaysia and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), as well as the approval from the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. 

Graduates from both programmes will have the opportunity to register as Graduate Engineers with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) while also preparing themselves to be registered as Professional Engineers when they have gained professional experience and met BEM requirements. This Professional Engineer qualification is internationally recognized through the Washington Accord of the International Engineering Alliance – the global organisation that establishes and enforces internationally bench-marked standards for engineering education and expected competence for engineering practice.

Sunway University’s School of Engineering and Technology also engages in active research in support of the University’s strategic ambitions. From winning awards in global forums, publishing first-in-the-world radiation research, to being among the world’s top-cited researchers, the School aims to continue education and research to a superior level.

The programme is open to Malaysian and international students. Scholarship opportunities are also provided, including inaugural bursaries for the first student cohorts. 

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