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 The rise of the COVID-19 cases and the implementation of variations of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has led to plenty of uncertainty for all Malaysians. Coupled with work from home orders from most organisations, Malaysians have spent a large chunk of their time at home, since the very first MCO that was introduced in March 2020. While there are several negative impacts of the COVID-19, Malaysians have become more aware of the need to relook at their financial plans and seek out areas of investment that serve as a financial reserve during these times.

Malaysians who have the spare income can consider investing in property. Findings from a recent survey carried out by InsightzClub, entitled Project BREW, involved over 600 participants aged 21 and above, focusing on consumers who browse, buy and sell from online platforms. The survey indicated that 69% of property buyers rely more on online platforms than offline ones, with being the top choice for property buying and selling.

“The pandemic has done no favours for the economy. However, there is hope. Malaysian consumers remain relatively optimistic about the economic recovery post COVID-19 and are looking to boost their investment portfolios. For us at, this is where we have a major role to play as Malaysia’s largest marketplace. We are always looking for opportunities to help equip consumers with the right tools and knowledge to make better purchasing decisions. This then allows Malaysians to come together to boost the economy and to help revive the source of income for many businesses,” said Andrew, Head of Marketing of