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Carrie Bacbuster Antibacterial Hand and Bath Wash : The right choice for your kid

Being a mother, I always care about the well-being and health of our kids. We concerned everything that is used for my little ones and thanks to Carrie Bacbuster Antibacterial Hand and Bath Wash which bring me with a piece of mind !

Carrie Bac Buster is one of the first Antibacterial Liquid Shower specifically formulated for kid’s skin. Its 5x gentle on skin compare to adult shower. Carrie Bac Buster co-brand with Ejen Ali, one of the top kids cartoon character in Malaysia to tap in Ejen Ali’s followers. And now, Carrie Bac Buster has 2 variants which are blasting blueberry and smashing strawberry. Both the smells are good where Grace love it so much. 

And for those who are not aware, even though our kids had grown up slightly, they may not suitable to use adult antibacteria shower as they are more hash to the skin. And with this, I had chosen the Carrie Bacbuster because its formulated for kids skin and its antibacterial shower for kid.

These Carrie Bac Buster is formulated for kid skin where it provides 5x gentle to the kids skin compare to adult shower. Not just they are gentle on kid skin but they are also tough on bacteria too. With 99.99% antibacterial, they are just perfect for the kids skin and I am just confident with the results too.

Left : Carrie Bac Buster  Right : Adult Shower

We had also tested the pH balances with the litmus test and it is prove that they are at the right pH balance compare to the adult body wash.  This is where the litmus remains clear for Carrie Bac Buster while the adult one change to blue

With the affordable price, one can purchase your choice of the Awesome Carrie Bacbuster Ejen Ali at the below price:

🚿280G @ RM9.90 (WM)/ RM10.4 (EM) / BN $3.50 (Brunei) (Trial Pack) 

🚿700G @ RM18.90 (WM) / RM19.80 (EM) / BN $6.75 (Brunei) (First Time User)

 🚿600G Refill Pouch @ RM10.90 (WM) / RM11.40 (EM) / BN $3.90 (Brunei) (Best Value for Money)

🚿 50ml Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray RM5.90 (WM) / RM6.20 (EM) / BN $2.20 (Brunei)

To purchase online :