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Swipe to Make Your Perfect Match with the Galaxy Z Fold2

 Have you found your perfect match? Whether it’s the perfect cup of coffee or the love of our lives, we’re always on the hunt for the glove that fits! However, when it comes to finding your flow to maximize your every day, you can look no further. With the fully customizable Multi-Active Window and Multi-Window Tray, the Galaxy Z Fold2 can become your perfect match with a few easy swipes!

Too Many Tasks, Too Little Time. 

Everyday, we wake up to a race against time as we put in our best efforts to complete the 101 tasks on our ever-growing lists of duties and responsibilities. It can get overwhelming, and we hear you! With the Galaxy Z Fold2’s Multi-Active Window, become a multi-tasking master and check tasks off your list faster than ever before. With this feature, you can customize your screen’s layout to suit your tasks at hand and open multiple different files or apps concurrently. Hop into a video call, reply to a work email, and go through the latest news all at once by simply using the split screen or pop-up view feature on your Galaxy Z Fold2. With speed boosts like this, you might even have time for a well-deserved extra hour of sleep at the end of your day!


Save Your Favs

Don’t waste precious minutes setting up your Galaxy Z Fold2 when you start the day! With the Multi-Window Tray, create presets for Multi-Active Window using App Pair to open your frequently used apps simultaneously. You can even save multiple pairing combinations for the different tasks that you need to complete. A crowd favorite is pairing Google Maps with your preferred music streaming platform to easily get started on your drive home from the office with a quick tap after a long day at work! To further suit your lifestyle, the apps can also be set to launch in your preferred style so that everything is exactly where you’d like it to be every time you open it! So, save your favourite apps using app pair and let your Galaxy Z Fold2 perfectly complement your work or play style!

Sharing Made Easy

Sharing content between apps is now made easier with the Drag and Drop feature on the Galaxy Z Fold2. Now, you no longer need to go through the hassle of manually sending files and can instead simply drag your files from one app and drop it into another with one simple swipe. With a few easy swipes, sending attachments in your emails or sharing the latest meme with your friends will now be a breeze!

In a world where the perfect match doesn’t always exist, we are here to assure you that the Galaxy Z Fold2 can be your perfect companion, whether it’s for work or play! So, get your hands on one and take your productivity to the next level! Having said that, this is only the beginning of Samsung’s foldable phones.


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