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Challenge Yourself This Final Week Of #FurTheWinMY To Create A Fun Eco-Home For Your Fur Kids

 The world needs more happy fur friends than precious resources going to waste, so upcycling is the key. Why not use your creativity and some used cardboard boxes from online shopping to build a cozy dream home for your pets? Along with happy pets, you could win yourself a Samsung Lifestyle TV worth up to RM9,499 too! 

Creating an eco-home for your pets is no easy task, but here’s a quick DIY guide on how to build it in a short time! First, make a concise, innovative plan. Think about what kind of house theme will best suit your pets and design a blueprint for it. Perhaps a huge castle for your furry prince and princesses or cozy tent for those who love to play outdoors. Play around with your creativity at this stage! With the materials in hand, you can focus in putting your strategy into action next by constructing the pieces together. Then, bringing colours and life to your masterpiece will be the final stage. Make the most out of this fun moment by including your pets, and decorate their eco-home with their own paw prints! They will gladly be involved in this. 

Don’t forget to capture all the precious DIY moments as it will be beneficial for your participation in the #FurTheWinMY challenge to stand a chance in winning amazing prizes. The #FurTheWinMY is an Eco Pet Home Challenge that runs from now till 19 September 2021 so don’t miss out on being part of this great eco-friendly initiative, and have a creative week ahead with your fur kids! For more information on how to participate in our #FurTheWinMY Eco Pet Home Challenge, visit:

To find inspiration or tutorials, visit A unique and well-decorated masterpiece will undoubtedly earn you bonus points, and you can check out some of our competition’s latest entries for some ideas as well!