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The OPPO Reno6 Pro Gets a Full Battery Charge in Only 35 Minutes? How Does That Happen and Is It Safe?

 Now more than ever, our smartphones have become our lifelines – we need them when we scour for information, attending to work, documenting life moments, or checking in to public places and restaurants. These things make it an absolute necessity for our smartphones to be up and running all the time. However, with all the intense smartphone usage throughout the day, can our smartphone batteries keep up?


The OPPO Reno6 Series features battery-charging capabilities unlike any other. Featuring OPPO’s proprietary 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging, the OPPO Reno6 Pro’s battery is able to go from zero-to-hundred in just 35 minutes! With such ultra-fast charging speeds, users can have the peace of mind that even when rushing, a quick charge will be enough to get them through their next escapade.

But how does OPPO make this possible? Achieving such rapid charging speeds isn’t as simple as increasing the amount of electricity running into the battery. The secret lies in OPPO’s industry-leading battery and safety technologies.

OPPO VOOC Fast Charging

OPPO’s 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging capabilities feature an innovative Dual-Cell 3C Battery Design which enable parallel charging that is both fast and safe. This parallel charging between the two 3C batteries greatly reduces heat and ensures sustained flash charging and battery longevity.

Exciting, but is it safe?

Apart from that, OPPO has also implemented a vigorous 5 Layer Protection process to ensure that the charging speed is possible and safe:

1. Battery Overload Protection: A special circuit and switch ensures current from the charger is always safe.

2. Battery Fuse Protection: In the event of a power surge or abnormal current, the battery’s fuse cuts off charging immediately for safety.

3. Adapter Overload Protection: Built-in sensors identify if voltage and current to the adapter are normal and ensure safety.

4. Identification Protection: SuperVOOC Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) identifies if the connected device supports Flash Charging and supplies the proper current.

5. Interface Overload Protection: As current travels to the device, the MCU activates a MOSFET switch to protect against any overload.

To date, over 150 million users enjoy OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charging technology, both in Reno6 devices and other OPPO devices. But as OPPO continues to innovate and improve, what’s next for the future of fast charging?

What’s Next? 

The future looks bright, with features such as 125W Flash Charging, 65W Wireless Flash Charging, 110W Mini Flash Chargers, and more in the near, foreseeable future. OPPO remains dedicated to providing its users the best smartphone experiences, starting with safe and fast charging, through its Reno6 Series and other devices.

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