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Golden Bull Award Partners Namewee for Theme Song


The Golden Bull Award partnered with Malaysian recording artist and filmmaker, Namewee to produce a theme song for the award organised by Business Media International to celebrate the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in pursuit of success.

The song ‘Like a Bull’, composed and performed by Namewee, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, speaks of the betrayals, mockery, failures and other challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and their persistence in overcoming adversity. The music video of the song, primarily filmed in Taiwan and Malaysia, employed a battlefield set, evoking the physical and emotional battles of entrepreneurship especially in the midst of the pandemic.

Since 2003, the Golden Bull Award has served as the ultimate award for successful businesses: a crowning glory for years of growth and building innate strength. The award serves as a platform to benchmark successful businesses and inspiring other businesses, both SMEs and corporates to strive for greater excellence. The award is today held in four markets: mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Recipients of the Golden Bull Award are selected from thousands of businesses each year through a stringent elimination process. Recipients from different markets participate in Investment Missions, business forums, local and regional business matching sessions, and many more networking sessions to connect members and help these businesses shine. 

As an entrepreneur himself, Namewee has had his fair share of ups and downs. Known for his unapologetic music genre inspired by true events. He continued to persevere through his creative expressions. 

Namewee said, ”The main goal for the theme song is to encourage entrepreneurs to never give up even when times are tough, especially during the pandemic. And also, a reminder not to be discouraged when people are trying to bring you down or abandon you when you are at your lowest point in life. I want to create a song that ignites the inner fighting spirit in the listeners and also get them to sing along. This is why the creative direction for ‘Like a Bull’ is set in a battlefield with heartfelt lyrics that encourage everyone to do better and emerge much stronger from any challenges.”

Datuk William Ng, organising chairman of the Golden Bull Award said, “The video concept portrayed the journey of hardships and disappointment while the meaningful lyrics revolve around the message of resilience. In business, one must strategize effectively and act swiftly to adapt to any challenges for business survival. Excellence is born of chemistry between perseverance and strategies, virtues that are heavily embodied by the Golden Bull Award”.

Ng added, "Even during pre-pandemic, entrepreneurs have been facing tough challenges to keep their business afloat especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). With the prolonged lockdowns worldwide, we can see that close to half of SMEs are on the brink of losing their business. Some may or may not survive but for those who know how to adapt to the ever-changing economic landscape, they will emerge much stronger than ever before.” 

Many of the past recipients of the Golden Bull Award have gone on to become industry leaders or listed on various stock exchanges, the true examples of what the Golden Bull represents: strength and growth. 

The “‘Like a Bull’ music video is now available for streaming at . For more information about the Golden Bull Award, please visit us at