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Seamless Connections with Galaxy Tab A7 Lite


Tired of keeping track of documents, emails and messages from work and friends? We feel you too. It is easy to get lost when you juggle multiple devices, and a device ecosystem that keeps you connected seamlessly can ease a load of burden. Enter the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite that will help you stay afloat and connected.

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite gives you a new level of connectivity with your devices. It allows for call & text on other devices so you can answer any phone calls or reply to your messages through your tab when both of your Galaxy devices are signed in to the same Samsung account. If not, your Galaxy Buds will automatically reconnect to your phone when an important call comes in[1] – even when you are in the middle of a movie on your tab. To take things a step further, the clipboards on your Galaxy devices can be synced as well! For example, if you copy some data on your phone, you can paste it onto a document on your tab when the devices are linked. Work just became so much smoother and easier.


On top of the multi-device experience you get, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite also makes sure you never miss out wherever you are. If you are experiencing spotty internet connection in the middle of a breakthrough mission on your game, you can easily switch to using your hotspot without having to get your phone[2]. One Hand Operation+ also lets you have easy access to your tab interface with one swipe, so whenever you’re juggling a task in one hand, your other is still more than enough to control your device. Access made easy, no matter where you are, and what you’re doing.


Of course, all that easy connectivity has to come with a price, right? Nope! Samsung takes our device security seriously for your peace of mind, so the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is equipped with Samsung Knox to make sure that every single byte of your private data is soundly secure. Samsung Kids also allows adults to restrict and adjust app access and usage for children, so you can let the kids use your tab without worrying about wandering fingers.


If you need more assurances that our light and compact Galaxy Tab A7 Lite can pull its weight, visit for more information.