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Connect your world with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

 The latest iteration of the renowned Samsung Galaxy Z Series unfolded a new chapter in mobile innovation – entirely changing the way we work, play, connect, and keep track of our health. If you’re constantly on the move, then the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic is your go-to companion to connect the world to you while keeping track of your wellbeing.

Beyond just another accessory, the Galaxy Watch4 Series are the optimal devices to unite your Galaxy products and its apps without having to tackle complicated settings. As such, the Galaxy Watch4 Series can be seen as a management hub for you to stay proactively in control of your other devices via Galaxy Ecosystem, ensuring seamless connectivity and app synergy wherever you go.

Being constantly on-the-move is one way to keep fit but the second half to fitness is having the knowledge about your own body. For this reason, The Galaxy Watch4 Series fills that half by excelling in wellness-tracking. Its smart tracking capabilities thanks to the Samsung BioActive Sensor allows the device to track vital Body Composition information such as your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water and BMR, and transform that into advice to propel your fitness progress.


If exercising alone seems boring, why not invite more people? No matter the distance, the Galaxy Watch4 Series empowers fitness accountability through Group Challenges, allowing friends and families to participate in challenges to reach health goals together. Fitness doesn’t have to start at the gym anymore. By staying connected this way, starting your fitness journey could be as simple as running to an unknown hangout spot with friends, while relying on Google Maps to show you the way on your Galaxy Watch4. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series bring new and fun ways to up your fitness game while keeping you in the loop of what’s happening on your other Galaxy devices. Staying connected with the world around you has never been easier, so why limit yourself? Stay on top with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series today!

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