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Your All-Time Companion for the New Year is Samsung Advantage

 A new year comes with a new goal, one filled with new priorities and new perspectives on life. So as you glow-up to a new you, Samsung Advantage is there to support you as an all-time companion, so you can make the switch for the better.

“Switch with Samsung Advantage” is a short film and a series of clips that asks four lifestyle-setters their experience glowing-up with Samsung. Featuring Abby @abbyasmaa, Arinna @arinna.erin, Rafidah @rafidaaaaaaaah and Serena @serenavanillaa, each influencer highlights the features, apps and programmes Samsung has to support them as they upgrade to a Samsung smartphone.  

New Year, New Style with the One UI 4

A new style is one way to switch things up and Arinna shows how she has the freedom and creativity to customise her Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the One UI 4 OS. She now can move away from the boring, generic smartphone layout. 

‘Now I can have different icons on my phone, and different colours as well. So I can add patterns, [and] different kinds of shapes for my icons. This is very customised for me and also, my colour photo is a GIF! said Arinna. 


Smart Financing with Samsung’s Trade-In and Easy Payment Plans

Financial savviness is simply a must for any year, and Rafidah takes this opportunity to highlight how she loves the Easy Payment Plan  that offers 0% interest-free payment plan and monthly installment. This not only makes phone ownership easier, but allows buyers to smartly plan their finances.

Rafidah also shares the benefits of the trade-in deal , “The trade-in deal is so worth it! I have friends who traded-in old devices for their desired Galaxy and I am surprised with the high trade-in value!” 

Stay Worry Free with Samsung Care+

Accidents are a fact of life, and one way to mitigate the effect is this is to ensure protection. Abby shares how her fear of damaging her smartphone is allayed with Samsung Care+ ’s coverage plans. 

“Ever since I switched to my new phone, I have been so afraid to drop it. But thankfully, we have Samsung Care+. My device is protected in any case I [accidentally] drop it or damage it with water. Samsung Care+ surely gives me great reassurance and I am so thankful for it,” said Abby.

Never Lose Data with Samsung’s Smart Switch 

Finally, Serena never had to worry about losing her personal data, treasured photos, content and messages when she switched to her Samsung Galaxy smartphone thanks to Samsung Smart Switch . She highlighted how important this feature was in protecting her personal data. 

“It’s literally your entire life. I was very scared that it was going to be very difficult to transfer everything. But the Smart Switch app made it very seamless, easy and quick. So my contacts are still intact [and my] photos all successfully transferred. It was a very quick process and [my new phone] is just the way it is from my old phone, she added. 

So stay tuned over the coming days to hear their experiences on Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube and Facebook page. You can catch the short film, ‘Switch with Samsung Advantage’ here: 

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