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Sunway International Schools Achieves 100% Passes in IB Exams

 In the recent November 2021 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examination series, six students from Sunway International School (SIS) Kuala Lumpur and 14 students from SIS Iskandar Puteri have achieved a 100% passing rate, exceeding the world passing rate of 87%. 

With an average score of 36.15 for both SIS campuses, they had outperformed the global average of 32.37, with a top scorer who scored 44 points and three recipients of the bilingual diploma. SIS has been offering IBDP since 2017 at both campuses, and the results are above the global average.

Top Scorer Lim Yong Bin from SIS Kuala Lumpur shared that he was shocked when the scores were released and proud of himself for achieving an excellent grade. “I started IB rather shakily with limited foundations in all subjects. It was only through building bridges, hosting review sessions, and mutually

pushing one another to excel with my classmates that I am able to achieve the score I have,” said Yong Bin. 

Yong Bin was the first IB Diploma Programme Entrance Scholarship to receive a full scholarship to pursue his studies at SIS Kuala Lumpur. His goal is to study medicine in the United Kingdom, where he aspires to become a fetal surgeon and hopes to be under the guidance of the legendary fetal surgeon Dr Kypros Nicolaides.

One of the recipients of the bilingual diploma from SIS Iskandar Puteri, Eugenia Ong with 39 points shared, “I feel surprised when receiving my results for languages because I am not sure if my writing is in line with the criteria my teachers had taught me. I am grateful for this result and I am going to pursue further in business for my bachelor degree where my bilingual diploma would be helpful in getting into universities.” 

A bilingual diploma is awarded to candidates who has complete and receive a grade 3 or higher in two languages selected from the diploma programme course studies in language and literature. Bilingual diploma recipients are highly sought after by competitive universities.

Heath Kondro, Principal of SIS Kuala Lumpur congratulates the students on their achievements. “The strong results are a testament to your dedication and hard work and I know you have a bright future ahead.”

Wishing the students well for their future endeavours, Craig Gerow, Principal of SIS Iskandar Puteri shared, “We are proud of their hard work and the resilience they showed to complete the IBDP under the trying circumstances.”

Sunway International Schools are among the few private schools in Malaysia to provide the November series of IB Diploma Programme examinations. The schools embrace and promote IBDP philosophy to develop international-mindedness in students through a good mix of students and teachers from different countries and diverse cultures. 

IBDP offers a unique academic rigour and emphasises students' personal development. The programme aims to do more than curricula by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed. The programme encourages both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development. 

Currently, SIS campuses are offering the IBDP entrance scholarship for new students enrolled for the programme at SIS. For more information on the scholarship, please visit