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Samsung S22+ : The Performance

 After using the Samsung S22+ for few weeks, I can say the phone does not disappoint me at all in its performance The Samsung S22+. As the performance of any smart device is relative.  As for me, most of the apps that we used today are indeed optimised with the Samsung S22+ and everything is perfectly good in terms of its performance and function. 

The Exynos 2200 in in our S22+ been smooth and fast, delivering a flagship experience which I can WOW about it. The phone completely smooth especially while using them to edit video via the phone. It performs significantly well and the experience is indeed an absolutely a magnificent one. With the great performance, I can do my edits smoothly without any hassle and smooth.  The processing time is also fast and prompt with makes my work simply smooth. 

Asides from that, the S22+ works well with most of the apps I use and the stability is there such as Lightroom, Google, and many more. Playing games is no longer a problem any more. It is simply smooth when playing game and it is there is no lag in playing hi-res games.  

In terms of surface heat, the S22+ does get a bit toasty under prolonged load but never actually uncomfortable to the touch. So far, they are not overheat when we are taking video for over 10 minutes and the battery does not drained off fast.

All things considered, it hardly comes as a surprise that the Exynos 2200-powered Galaxy S22+ is an excellent all-around performer. It chews through everything you can throw at it and does so with impressive stability. One UI 4.1 is slick and feature-rich and runs incredibly smooth on the S22+ 

Overall, the performance is above my expectation as I am using them for work, entertainment, gaming and photography too. Overall, it is a great phone to own and the performance is above all my expectations. 

Watching youtube for the whole day is no longer a problem anymore. 

As for the battery life, the battery life from the S22+'s 4,500mAh cell is good. I have been using them for a day for normal use and it can stand me for a day use without any issues. As for charging, It takes approximately 75 minutes for a full charge with the 45W charger. Along with 45W fast charging, the S22+ supports 15W wireless charging and wireless reverse charging. The phone doesn't come with a charger, however, so you need to purchase one separately if you don't already have one.

Overall, Samsung's Galaxy S22+ is indeed a true flagship phone for android and it is the most well rounded of the bunch, with the right mix of battery life, power, and size for the price.

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