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Taiwanese Award-Winning Specialty Coffee Chain HWC Coffee Arrives in Malaysia to brew a new coffee culture

 Taking its debut brand store opening in Malaysia, Taiwanese award-winning coffee chain – HWC Coffee – will be giving a 10-day “Buy 2 Get 3 Promotion” for every drink selection available on its menu from April 20th onwards. The brand aims to introduce to coffee patrons its signature “EspresSoul” premium quality coffee, taking in a unique coffee culture to Malaysian

Located at Level 2 Center Counter of One Utama Shopping Court, the first HWC Coffee brand store opens daily from 8am to 10pm. To enjoy the “Buy 2 Get 3 Promotion”, customers are required to fill up a form online – with the lowest price among the 3 cups to be the complimentary drink. This promo is on a first come first serve basis. So, join the craze and grab it before the promotion ends! 

Originated from Taiwan, HWC Coffee established itself in 2016, taking home prestigious awards across the world.  Having owned over 70 stores in Taiwan, HWC Coffee known to be one of the top coffee names on Taiwan’s online community, boasting a huge community of young coffeeholics.

With its collaboration with Malaysia’s largest subscription platform Subplace, HWC Coffee aims preach its house specialty coffee across Southeast Asia, including various specialty coffee beans from its own coffee plantation and beverages. 

Taking into heart on its proud tagline “EspresSoul”, reflecting from the word Espresso – to wake the soul of the coffee bean, HWC Coffee pledges to give Malaysian’s a true taste of a strong aromatic coffee experience, enabling the enjoyment of both the acidity and roasted beans into a pleasuring caffeine intake.

HWC serves the finest and premium quality coffee with a 91-point in the Speciality Coffee Bean score, passing the mark of 80 – giving coffee addicts reasons to indulge their daily caffeine with HWC Coffee.

Since its recent new opening at One Utama Shopping Mall, the popular option among shoppers has been the signature Brown Sugar Bubble Caffe Latte. Back in Taiwan, this thirst-quencher was named as “The Best Drink of The Year”, with fans liking the coffee’s taste as “addicted” and “unforgettable”. The Brown Sugar Bubble Caffe Latte is innovative in its own right merging coffee and bubble tea, giving the best of both worlds. Stop by One Utama to get yourself a cup, or two!

HWC Coffee has lined up more than 10 types of drinks under its coffee latte series to cater to consumers’ taste and needs. In pursuit of the finest quality, HWC Coffee has sourced a milk that matches perfectly with its products, remaining its local taste to Malaysians.

As part of the collaboration between Malaysia and Taiwan, HWC Coffee has launched the Fusion Nasi Hey! – a cuisine that combines Malaysia’s nasi lemak and Taiwan’s rice-ball - featuring ginger-infused charcoal made rice alongside the signature sambal, shredded chicken, deep-fried dough sticks, sausages and eggs, giving a mouthful of feast from both countries. 

All products by HWC Coffee are safe to be consumed by Muslims, with the coffee gaining its halal certification from the Taiwanese Halal Integrity Development Association, while foods including Nasi Hey are produced by JAKIM, a well-known halal certified central kitchen.

From RM 9, HWC Coffee is hoping to deliver affordable premium-taste coffee to Malaysians. 

For more information, please visit or Instagram @hwc_malaysia.