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The Detail Ultrasound Scan during pregnancy

 During the 18 – 28 weeks, detailed scan is done to find out if your baby has any adnormal organs or body structure. And we had selected to do our scan in Medipulse Clinic in Bukit Jalil; just not because of pricing but the professional sonographer and doctor there. 

In here, we had made the appointment a few days before and their sonographer usually will be available during weekend to do the detailed scan. Prior for the detailed scan, we make sure we have eaten as baby will start to get active after that and it is easier for the sonographer to get the visual as the baby is moving. 

The whole duration of the detailed scan will be around an hour plus depending how your baby move and all. In here, the sonographer will be looking to make sure that the vertebrae are in alignment and that the skin covers the spine at the back. The scan will also evaluate your baby's stomach, abdominal wall, and diaphragm. The scan will determine if your baby has two kidneys and if his or her bladder is functioning properly.

Ultrasound scan can reliably detect many of the structural abnormalities (birth defects of the body structure) of the baby. Structural abnormalities which can be detected include hydrocephalus (swelling of the head with excessive fluid), anencephaly (absence of the brain), achondroplasia (dwarf), omphalocele (protrusion of the gut through an abdominal defect), spina bifida (defect in the spine), cleft palate / lips and heart defects (such as "hole in the heart").

During the 1 hour journey with the sonographer, it is indeed an enjoyable journey looking at your baby how they look in the tummy and feel them as well. The Sonographer from the Medipulse Clinic is indeed professional, explain the body parts to us and checking them very detailed and we are indeed satisfy with the service too.  Asides, they send us the pictures and video via whatsapp where we can share them with our family and love ones.

If you are looking to do your Detailed Scan, you can contact Medipulse Clinic; you can connect them via fb @