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Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump: The Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

 Being a mum, we often wanted the best for our babies. Breast milk is one of them as it is indeed have loads of benefits to both mum and baby. The breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. It has a nearly perfect mix of vitamins, protein, and fat -- everything your baby needs to grow. And it's all provided in a form more easily digested than infant formula. Breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding lowers your baby's risk of having asthma or allergies.

Besides latching, I also get myself a breast pump to ensure I can have more milk supply for my baby. After surveying on loads of different types of breast pump in the market, I finally got the Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump. 

Why I choose the Haenim Nexusfit 7X

Most Handy Hospital Grade Breastpump 

Usually, Hospital Grade Breastpump comes with the powerful motors and they are working on a “closed-system” – meaning that they have barrier in place to prevent milk and other fluid from entering the motor. This means it reduces contamination.  With 1 kg weight, it is the handiest hospital-grade breast pump in market.

Comes with NexusFit Accessories

When I went to survey on breast pump; there are so much of consideration. And when I am in the confinement centre, they will actually need to know the size of your nipple and from there; you will know which size of breast pump to purchase. This is to avoid your nipple crack and also pain. But with the Nexusfit, the breastshield are made as a single component for constant and equal pressure.

It is a One-Size fit which is suitable for 20-32mm sized nipple. Compared to conventional funnel, it does not put pressure at the areola and massage the milk duct more effectively. This means you can experience obvious efficiency and comfort.

Double Pump 

As for Haenim Nexfit it can work with single pump or double pump. It is so convenient especially for working mum like me. Each time of pumping will basically take 30 minutes. As it can work together at one time, it save 50% of my time to do expression milk for my lil one. Double pumping helps to maintain mother's milk supply and also stimulate milk production. Studies show that a mother can pump significantly more milk if she is double pumping instead of single pumping. It is easily switch between single and double pump with EasySwitch Connector

115 Total Setting 

What I love is you can choose the setting you preferred for your pumping. To me this is very important as you will not hurt your nipples when you are pumping. For my first time using other breast pump, I felt it is so pain and it’s very uncomfortable as so I give up as it hurt me so much. 

And now with Haenim Nexusfit, I can choose the right and comfortable pressure for extracting the milk for my baby. They comes with 15 expression levels  with 6 speed while the massage level is at 5 level with 5 speed. 

Awesome Function 

Another thing I love about the Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump is where they come with few great functions such as pause function, mute function, smart memory and they built with the built in LED night lamp. 

The Pause Function is definitely a great one where I can pause them when I am on half-way pumping and need to attend to the baby or even some urgent things. I do not need to restart again and it keep track the minutes that I use to do my pumping.

For the MUTE function, they are just perfect especially during night time or pumping in the office and you do not want to disturb your love one sleeping. It is indeed a good function to have. 

And of course with the SMART MEMORY; it can save your preferred setting that you love. 

Nothing beats the Built-in LED night lamp. There are perfect at any time especially pumping at night. The light is bright and yet calm and it won’t disturb your partner too. Perfect 


Convenient is definitely the KEY when purchasing this. With this quality hospital grade breast pump, the size is considered small and not bulky. It is easily bring everywhere and you can just put inside a bag. It only weight 1 kg and most of all the design is so insta-friendly and beautiful. 

What’s In The Box 

The Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump comes with 

❤️The NexusFit 7X machine

❤️2xNexusFit Pump Body 

❤️2x Nexus Fit Silicone Diaphragm

❤️2xNexusFit Cap 

❤️2xNexusFit Silicone Valve 

❤️2x Tubing

❤️2x Bottle Dissk 

❤️1x Connector 

❤️2x Bottle Stand 

❤️2x Bottle 

❤️1x Manual Pump

❤️User Manual

❤️3 Pin Power Adapter

How to Assemble 

My Experience

Overall, I am in love with Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump. As, we have tried manual pump and also other breast pump during my first baby, we felt Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump makes my breastfeeding journey so comfortable. 

With the silicon type of funnel, it fits so well and the quality is so good. The suction is really smooth with no air flow. I have tried using the massage mode, and it is comfortable as well as I can get milk out in 5 min. Impressive.  The whole journey of pumping milk is smooth with no pain, uncomfortable feeling at all. It also save my time by 50% with the dual pumping.

It is suitable for mommy who are exclusive pumping/desire to increase supply/to commit for longer breastfeeding journey. 

Colours & Price 

They are available in 4 colours which are Silver Grey, White Ivory, Sakura Pink & Peacock Pink. The RRP Price is at RM 1,599

Where to Buy 

You can purchase them in selected baby stores, and baby fair. You can purchase them via online too from their official store in Shopee and Lazada.