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Aeon collaborate with Mamee bringing you K-Pop Delights

For those who are a big fans of Korean Food, is time to visit AEON Delicatessen now. After their successful collaboration with KitKat, AEON brings you another interesting collaboration is where they are working with MAMEE FOOD SERVICE to come up with their AEON x DAEBAK Selection. 

The successful event kickstart at AEON Lounge Mid Valley where the Head of Food Division Azidah Alimuddin, and Jennifer Chee, Head of MAMEE FOOD SERVICE attended the event.

In here, we get to know that this collaboration is bringing you with the wide variety of food choices which comes easy and yet delicious for their customers. Not just that, one can enjoy the taste of Korean in this range of the launching. 

As the  demographic and interest of new generation and customers towards Koran delights, AEON had taken the initiative to work together with MAMEE bringing you the taste of delightful Korean product at the AEON Delicatessen and La Boheme. 

Some of the products where one can try here includes  the Chciken Bulgogi Spice Pita, Chicken Kimchi Pita, Mini Corn Sausage, ¼ Chicken Drumstick Korean, Korean Chicken Set, K-Spiced Oden Soup, Chicken Kimchi Bun, Chicekn Daebak Bun, Chicken Daebak 1/6 pizza to name a few.  

All the items will be available at all the outlet of AEON Delicatessen dan La Boheme di AEON  from 3rd October 2022 while in AEON Big From 17 Oktober 2022.

Time to heads to AEON for this marvelous Korean Journey and food !