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HONOR X6 is available nationwide from 7 October 2022

 The HONOR X Series has always been adored by the HONOR community for its durability, battery life and affordable price point with top notch features to be loved by anyone who wants to look for a smartphone within a healthy budget. 

Hitting stores on October 7th, the latest model of the HONOR X line up comes in the shape of the HONOR X6. Revolving around the “Lagi Berbaloi, Lagi Best” slogan, the HONOR X6 offers the best-in-class 128GB storage at the price of RM599. This also puts the HONOR X6 at the pedestal of being the brand’s first 128 large storage smartphone below the RM 600 range, keeping the affordability a wide option to more potential consumers.

Here are top 3 reasons why you would like to set apart some of that October paycheck for this worthy piece of device.

1. Seamless User Experience with 128GB Large Expandable Storage

The HONOR X6 supports a large internal storage of 128GB, sufficient to meet the storage demands of any sorts of photos and videos in large pixel amounts, to the fun needs of the fast evolving weights in a digital device. An expandable 1TB MicroSD storage is also supported in meeting the different storage requirement of users, not limiting the smart and seamless experience in owning the HONOR X6. Snap those photos and capture any videos you want to fill in those large capacities!

2. Impressively Designed 50MP Camera System to Capture Stunning Moments

The HONOR X6 features a rear triple camera system comprising a 50MP Main Camera, a 2MP Macro Camera, and a 2MP Depth Camera. The impressive combination of cameras allows users to easily capture and record all their favorite memories, fulfilling their appetite for creative expression anytime, anywhere. On to a cool café or bar hopping this weekend? Snap right away! Sailing off to that long-awaited holiday?

3. Long-Lasting 5000 mAh Battery for All-Day Connectivity

Equipped with a 5000mAh battery, the HONOR X6 delivers up to 17 hours of online video streaming, 18 hours of social media browsing, or 31 hours of music playback, all enabled by a single charge to power users throughout two days of usage. There’s no wait, this is the time to binge those Netflix series and get that hot Chicken Dinner streak on PUBG rocking on!

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR X6 is available in two striking colors of Titanium Silver and Ocean Blue at a cool budget price point of RM 599. Head out to HIHINOR.COM or nearest HONOR stores and get yours on October 7th!


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