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Vietjet Launches Milestone Flight Service Between Vietnam and Kazakhstan


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Kazakhstan, Vietjet has announced the first direct route connecting Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis of Almaty and Nha Trang City - the tourism capital in central Vietnam.


This latest addition to Vietjet’s vast network is a timely one, as it commemorates the strong long standing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Kazakhstan and is set to bring the two countries closer. There to witness this auspicious announcement was Vo Thi Anh Xuan, vice president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, leaders from the Kazakhstan government and senior leader representatives from the two countries. The twice-weekly service will commence this October with a flight time of around 9 hours per leg.


“With this new flight network connecting Kazakhstan and other regional countries with Vietnam, we believe that it will contribute to the important development of economic, trade and tourism relations between Vietnam and Kazakhstan, as well as other countries in the region. The route will be operated by Vietjet using a modern wide-body A330 aircraft equipped with the best products, services, and utilities to meet customers’ needs of both leisure and business,” said Chu Viet Cuong, Vice President of Vietjet and member of the Board of Directors, during the event.


Being the largest city and the financial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan, Almaty is known to attract tourists from all over to its shores. Visitors traveling into Almaty can experience the serenity of the plains as well as take in the majestic mountain views. Not forgetting its modern architecture and bustling streets as travelers immerse themselves in cultural spaces, unique art and breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes.


With a mild climate and year-round sunshine, Nha Trang on the other hand has long been a top destination choice among tourists from all around the globe for its tropical sunshine, beautiful beaches and a unique culinary scene that the city has to offer.


Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietjet has been on the go, recovering speedily from its impacts and has since pioneered the expansion of both its domestic and international flight network. This quick move was aimed at helping Vietnam’s tourism industry recover by promoting new destinations and routes. To date, Vietjet has spread its wings to India, Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, with Europe and Australia soon to be added to the fold. The airline’s direct routes have since contributed to the economic, cultural, and social exchanges between countries, which has played a vital role in the post-pandemic recovery of the country.


Vietjet's modern fleet embodies the image of the Vietnam national flag and the melody of Hello Vietnam, a song that has become popular among Vietjet’s friends worldwide. The song sends a beautiful message to the rest of the world, telling travelers that Vietnam is a beautiful, friendly and hospitable place to visit.