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A truly Malaysian Lunar New Year

 Mention Lunar New Year and a food-laden reunion dinner springs to mind.

Rather than the “traditional” dishes, ever thought of a truly Malaysian fare?  Well, eat X dignity café, a transformational enterprise by local NGO, Dignity for Children Foundation (Dignity), is offering a Malaysian reunion dish – Nasi Lemak Itik Kerutuk.

 Duck symbolizes fertility. Try a truly Malaysian dish this reunion with Nasi Lemak Itik Kerutuk.  It is available from eat X dignity café from now till 8 February for RM24 (excluding shipping charges)

To the Chinese, duck symbolises fertility, a truly auspicious dish during a season where happiness, prosperity and health are uppermost in all good wishes.

Adding to the goodness of this Malaysian Lunar dish is the fact that the ducks are 100% organic and anti-biotics free as they are sourced directly from Dignity’s Farm in Bentong. 

The Nasi Lemak Itik Keruntuk will be available in store at eat X dignity and also on Grab. It is priced at RM24 per set excluding delivery charges.

And, if the Nasi Lemak Itik Kerutuk is not “quack” for you, bake X dignity offers the classic Lunar New Year staples of cookies and tarts.


Dignity’s lychee blossom, salted egg yolk, and signature chocolate cookies come in two different sizes. Small cans are priced at RM17 and large cans at RM33.

The bakery offers three different flavours of cookies -- lychee blossom, salted egg yolk, and signature chocolate. Also available are Florentines and the all-time favourite of pineapple tarts. 

The assortment of baked goods come in individual small and large jars or in mall and large corporate gift sets.

The small corporate gift set (RM88 per set) includes three small cans of cookies, one brocade angpao, a postcard, and specially-designed packaging whereas the large set (RM158 per set) comprises three big cans of cookies, an envelope of blessings or three sets of angpao with a postcard and specially-designed packaging with a custom sticker.   

Funds raised from the sale of the baked goods and Nasi Lemak Itik Kerutuk will be used to sustain the transformational enterprises and continued skills training of Dignity’s students working at the café and bakery.

For more information and orders members of the public can WhatsApp at 010 321 4049 to order the baked goods beginning from 3 January with deliveries starting from 19 January. Corporate orders can be placed now with Joey via email at Deliveries will start on 17 January.