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COCO Steamboat Welcomes Chinese New Year with Slew of Rewards

Good news for hot pot lovers; this Chinese New Year, customers who spend RM218 or more at COCO Steamboat Malaysia between January 9 and January 19, 2023 will be eligible for COCO's Treasure Lucky Draw, and stand a chance to celebrate for free.

Not only that, the lucky draw provides an abundance of rewards that are updated on a daily basis between the said period. COCO Steamboat, the first artisan hot pot company in KL, is known for its pork bone broth; as its tagline claims. As a way of saying "thank you" to its customers, COCO runs special promotions throughout the year's important festive occasions, beginning with the Chinese New Year.

Commemorating the Year of Rabbit, COCO launches the ‘Celebrate 2023 “Tu”Gether’ promotion and invites customers to enjoy the free, and nutritious hot pot with friends, family and loved ones. Luck-filled Chinese New Year

The COCO Treasure Lucky Draw runs from January 9 to January 19 and is eligible for customers who spend RM218 or more at COCO. Each day, 33 rewards will be granted, with the largest reward being a free order. Other rewards include a 50% off voucher, more discount coupons, and more, which are refreshed on a daily basis. In total, COCO has prepared 330 HUAT-some rewards under Treasure Lucky Draw for customers to grab within 10 days.

 2023 "Tu"Gether Celebrations Continues

The overall theme of the COCO Chinese New Year campaign this year would be Celebrating 2023 "Tu”'Gether," with "Tu" signifying the Rabbit, the year's Chinese zodiac animal, with the intent of ushering in a prosperous and joyous new year. As part of the celebration, three special offers have been arranged, including the much-anticipated Treasure Luck Draw, Ong Your Table Lah!, and Give

You Extra Ong Lah!

Customers who are unable to participate in the lucky draw may still receive an 18% discount (up to RM15) through (1) Ong Your Table Lah! by just screaming "HUAT AH!" at any one of the COCO crew at the checkout counter - a fun challenge that needs to be completed in a single breath; the longer you go, the higher the chance to win. To add more joy, COCO has designed and prepared ONG-filled COCO red Ang Pow packets, which carry exclusive COCO coupons that can be obtained under the (2) Give You Extra Ong Lah! offer. These Ang Pow packets can serve as "profit" for personal use or can be handed as a gift to family and friends


1. This promotion is only valid from January 9, 2023 to January 19, 2023.

2. Customers who spend at least RM218 (per table) are eligible for 1 slot of the lucky draw.

3. 33 rewards are prepared each day, with the 5 primary rewards being a 100% bill discount, a 50% bill discount, an RM30 coupon, various meal vouchers and free ice cream (one scoop).


1. This promotion is only valid from December 26, 2022 to January 21, 2023.

2. Participants can receive an 18% discount (up to RM15) by challenging and outlasting any COCO crew member by shouting "HUAT AH!" in one breath.

3. The offer is restricted to 10 people per day (strictly one person per table, and there will be no additional discount for two customers shouting together).


1. This promotion is only valid from December 26, 2022 to February 5 2023.

2. Customers who spend a minimum of RM188 (per table) will receive a set of Ang Pow packets with exclusive discounts worth up to RM90 (in total of 5 pieces, of RM18) 

3. These coupons may only be redeemed after Chinese New Year, from February 6, 2023.

To know more about COCO’s Celebrating 2023 "Tu”'Gether" promotions, please follow:

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